DNSimple keeps lowest plan, but makes it less visible and less attractive

We can see how DNSimple has changed its pricing along time. First capture, shows what was their pricing in late 2012 (thanks archive.org for this) and second capture shows their current pricing. If we take a closer look, we can see that they have not got rid of their $3/month plan, but they made it less visible and less attractive too (just 2 domains, over 10 domains that you could get before). Don’t take just this example, but read what other smarter people than me, like Amy Hoy has to say about raising prices as a way to grow.

Airbnb + Trip4Real – partnership for upselling

Airbnb does upselling and engross the amount spent per user in two ways: 1. first, sending you an automated email X days before your departure if the place you rented has availability for more days ­ encouraging you to change your booking to stay more days 2. and second, partnering with local businesses redirecting traffic to services like T rip4Real tourist guides, tours, etc. No idea what’s the deal behind both companies, but Airbnb might get a fee per amount of traffic redirected, lead activated in the final partner or even just a fix­commision.

Zendesk encouraging a higher plan

Zendesk encourages to choose a more expensive plan just by emphasizing not only it visually, but also adding a ‘Try’ button that it’s not present in the rest of the plans available. A similar petithack can be found in Animoto’s site.