GrowthHacker.TV cancellation process

Similar hack in GrowthHackerTV in terms of retaining paid users as the one we have seen before from CrazyEgg (instead of a yearly account, they try to get the final sale for you in exchange of a lifetime account that won’t publicly published in their pricing page). Also they play with the urgency factor the first time you visit their page, giving you the option to get a 25% discount (1 week) for their monthly plan… if you c onvert in less than 1 hour. (included a reference to this in the first ebook).

Shopify does not want you to cancel. And it tries it really hard.

All online business owners know that is going to be easier to make a new sale from someone that has been already a customer in the past, rather than getting a new sale from a new customer. Shopify disables the cancellation button after several toggles & dropdowns within a pop­up just with the 2 clear purposes: a) Knowing why you really want to cancel (and if they can make something to keep you) b) Decreasing the options that you end up finding which combination of answers e nables the ‘close my store’ button.