If you have something valuable, don’t give it all at once in exchange of nothing

GlassDoor (like a TripAdvisor for HR) provides free lifetime accounts in exchange for content that can make their site grow. Who would pay a monthly fee for a service when you can get it for free in exchange for some lines explaining your last job experience? As you might imagine this is not the main way where they get their dollars, but that’s coming from providing paid services to those companies that get worse reviews in their platform.

CrazyEgg blocking with CSS all their page except for 2 buttons

In a similar way as KnowYourCompany does with their CSS, C razyEgg have crafted a landing page for their site where you can only either click in their main call­to­action or, if you find it, you can access the rest of the landing after clicking in ‘tell me more’. Until you don’t press that little link which might goes unnoticed for most of their users, you won’t be able to access for instance other sections that talk about features, pricing, etc.

Airbnb and Amazon using search intent to trigger smarter emails

Airbnb & Amazon know about the importance of recovering abandoned shopping carts or even getting your attention back again to something that you were looking for in their sites. Both will trigger emails hours / days later after you have searched something while been logged in their sites in order to get the final sale from you. If this is something you could benefit of in your online business, you could set up something with ActiveCampaign ­ wrote a few months ago how to set something similar with site tracking + automatic email marketing.