KnowYourCompany clever CTA

How many times have you found yourself checking out the landing page of the last trendy startup… where you don’t know where to click next? KnowYourCompany’s designers want to have your attentiontalways in just one c all­to­action, not in 3 or 4. Once you keep scrolling you can see how their top­center CTA dissapears ans the top­right one appears, until both dissapear to get your attention only in the CTA that will be displayed in the bottom form.

How reduces friction changing a download button to a download our app are testing a new user-experience approach, that from my point of view, it’s going to give them great results. If in the past, their main CTA was ‘download our app and try it’, now they have integrated a part of their app in the front part of their site, so you can test it without any download required. Btw, this capture would have not been possible without InternetArchive. Any donation to this nonprofit organization is always more than welcomed. Less steps to take before trying the application, certainly more users.

How StackOverflow rewards its users by displaying less ads

It’s cool to see how a website has some deference for its users – specially if those are the ones that made your website as successful as it is today, as it’s the case of Stackoverflow. If you reach a certain level of karma in your profile, they will show you less adverts while browsing their site. Less ads money, but more happy users that can contribute with more content. Score!

Codementor triggers a modal to ask for referrals after each mentor session

Codementor knows that there are more opportunities of having you sharing a referral link either when you are happy with their service, either when you have just spent some of your credit. Or both. After each session you might have with one of their mentors, a modal is triggered after you terminate the session, inviting you to get $25 free if you bring new users. In a similar way, Digital Ocean are doing the same but within their monthly invoices.