Taking advantage of every screen to grab their attention

Mailchimp and others such KISSmetrics or SlideShare know that login, logout screenshots are some of corners of your site that are among the most visited. Many use them to alert about new features deployed in the applications, next webinar sessions, etc.

If you want to see it live, sign out of your Mailchimp account or go directly to their http://mailchimp.com/see-ya-later/url where you are redirected after your sign out.

TripAdvisor SMS when landing on a new city

In a similar way as your phone carrier does by sending you a text when you are landing in a new country to inform you about special fees, roaming ­ if you have the TripAdvisor app installed, you will get a push notification once it detects that you are in a new location different than the one you are normally. Two things that this push notification might be good for: a. Getting sales for restaurants in the new city that you don’t know.

Button to deploy Github repos automatically

The team at Nitrous had a clever idea that later was implemented by Heroku too. Every time you create a new development ‘box’ in their platform, they will provide you a button that you can place in any of your Github repos. That button allows any 3rd person to deploy automatically a new development box in Nitrous just with 1-click.

How Import.io reduces friction changing a download button to an online process

Import.io are testing a new user-experience approach, that from my point of view, it’s going to give them great results. If in the past, their main CTA was ‘download our app and try it’, now they have integrated a part of their app in the front part of their site, so you can test it without any download required. Less steps to take before trying the application, certainly more users.