Booking mimics a fake notification to get your signup

Booking does a great trick using notifications. Even if you are not a member of their platform, they mimic the notifications a user might receive if he’s logged in his account. First impulse when seeing that you have a notification? Click on it. They take advantage of this fake notification, to encourage you to signup for ‘exclusive member deals’.

Show testimonials based on where your visitors are connected from

Once you get a visit in your website, you get some valuable data from your visitor that can be helpful to make your copy closer to him.

Pipedrive home site is one of the best evidences of this. They will detect the IP from where you are connected, and even if you visiting their website in English, they will render testimonials with some of their French customers, assuming that it will be more natural for you to see a French name, rather than a random English name.

They do the same for other countries, including Italy and Spain as you can see below.