ProductHunt 1-click to growth

The 1-­click to growth hack is everywhere . ProductHunt fetches friends from you Twitter login to get more users faster. Instead of expecting that you do that the old way (from your top right menu > invitations > type your friends usernames) they make the process way smooth­er to get you inviting new people just with 1­click. Other places with a 1­click hack > Spotify & Buffer app with their constant CTA to upgrade to a paid plan. Visible and present anywhere in their apps. ©2014­2016 (Buffer) petithacks ­ Small hacks, faster growth (Spotify) If you compare it with other flows to upgrade in popular apps like Baremetrics or Intercom , the user has to go through a flow of 4 or 5 clicks (on average), accessing to a pricing page, where he has to select a plan, complete the upgrading process, etc.