Shopify does not want you to cancel. And it tries it really hard.

All online business owners know that is going to be easier to make a new sale from someone that has been already a customer in the past, rather than getting a new sale from a new customer. Shopify disables the cancellation button after several toggles & dropdowns within a pop­up just with the 2 clear purposes: a) Knowing why you really want to cancel (and if they can make something to keep you) b) Decreasing the options that you end up finding which combination of answers e nables the ‘close my store’ button.

WooPra expiration code after your trial is over

Again, email marketing triggered automatically based on actions FTW ! In this case Woopra only sending emails to accounts that have done something in the tool (tested to trigger again with an account that was not used at all, and didn’t receive it) to extend their trial AND giving a discount to get the first sale easily..

StackOverflow using geolocation to get smarter ads

‘Can we improve CTR in our job ads to charge more to our customers?’ I guess that’s what Stackoverflow marketing team was thinking when they decided to trigger ads based on the IP where you are connected from. Screenshots from above comparing while connected from Spanish IP vs Belgian IP.