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How can we help?

These are some of the tasks that we can take care of in your Shopify store, if you want to see more details, you can check our tasks catalog. Goes without saying that you can always request your own task.
Optimize conversion rates
Customize menus
Optimize cart pages
Optimize cart pages
Fix and style Shopify themes
Setup and configure apps

How does it work?

Three simple steps to get your tasks done.
Detail us how can we help. Either you can use one of the tasks we list in our catalog or you can draft yours from scratch.
Our Shopify Experts will review them and confirm if it’s something we can work on.
You get your task done


Pay as you go
  • Unlimited email & chat support
  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • Output every 2 days
  • Use on one or multiple stores
  • Task credits never expire
14-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Unlimited email & chat support
  • 5 task credits per month
  • Daily output
  • For use on one store
  • Extra task credits at $39 each
Cancel anytime

Support and answers from the team

How does it work?

It’s easy really! You can submit a custom Shopify task request using the live chat, for us to assess, or you can browse our Task Catalog for common task ideas. You fund your account with credits via the pricing table above, and we send you into our task dashboard where all the work and communication with developers is handled.

What do you mean by a small task?

Our focus as a team is on doing small Shopify tasks, really fast, without compromising quality. Small is not easy to define globally – but for us, it’s any development or graphic task that is assessed by us to need up to an hour to complete, including communication. We are increasing the scope of projects we can accept, so just ask if you’re not sure. Browse our Task Catalog or read this blog post for more examples.

I have a long list of small tasks, can you do this?

Yes, we can. You can queue up your tasks inside the dashboard. However, we work on one task at a time, per store, per the listed turnaround period, including the time it takes to revise any comments or feedback we receive. Purchasing tasks or subscribing to a plan and consistently submitting lists of tasks, after our requests to revise submissions, or unecessarily taking time away from our developers for reasons apart from our 1 hour request, may require that we end your service.

What does “next business day” turnaround time mean?

This means that our developers will start and complete the “First Deliverable” of your small task before the end of the following business day (at midnight ET). You can check this date in the Active Tasks section of the task dashboard. It often takes additional time for revisions, fixes, or unforeseen changes to the task. We always try hard to over-deliver on turnaround times.

Can I get a refund? What’s the 14-day satisfaction guarantee about?

If you purchase task credits and your initial task is refused, you can use your credit on another task or receive a full refund of your purchase price.