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How to display different content based on referral source, as Financial Times does 28 mins We will learn how to display different content depending if your web visitors come from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. vs those that reach your website organically. We will use the sample FT has in his site to get more signups.
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No Zapier integration? No problem, learn how to sync webhooks and APIs 26 mins Learn step by step how to interact with the API of a tool like Klaviyo so you can connect it with 3rd parties. Since Klaviyo has no native integration with Zapier, this is the perfect excuse to deep in the webhooks feature provided by Zapier
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Behind the landing page hack in CrazyEgg, QuickSprout to get more signups 20 mins Setting up a landing page with the scrolling feature disabled to drive more attention to the main lead box
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Behind the referral hack that brought more users for Airbnb and Dropbox 30 mins Setting up a referral system similar as the one you can see in Airbnb, Dropbox, Fiverr and use your existing user base to enlarge it.
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Behind the trick to retain conversions in an ecommerce & increase revenue per sale 23 mins Implementing a price match call-to-action that is triggered after the user tries to check for the same product in a different shop
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