What moves the needle?

Strategies online businesses do to get
more of your clicks, attention, time and money
Using geomarketing to show testimonials based on where your visitors are connected from

While I was in Australia last winter, I came across Pipedrive site when looking for a new CRM for a client. All the testimonials they show in their pricing page are displayed based on the IP where you are connected from. If you are in Spain, you will see something like this, if you are in Sweden this, or some Australian companies if you are in this part of the world.

Give us some more extra info about you by loging with FB and we recompensate you back.

Betabrand knows how important can be to have as many data as possible of a potential customer. When they invite to you signup for future offers, they give you two options: either get a 10% discount in your next purchase if you just enter your email, or get a 20% OFF if you sign-up with your Facebook account instead.

No one likes to be charged - Make it less painful next time

DigitalOcean knows how to take advantage of their monthly invoices received by XX Million per month - IF their clients want to see a cheaper charge in the next month, they make sure to include a link to their referral system in evey invoice.

Taking advantage of every screen to grab their attention

Mailchimp and others such KISSmetrics or SlideShare know that login, logout screenshots are some of corners of your site that are among the most visited. Many use them to alert about new features deployed in the applications, next webinar sessions, etc.

If you want to see it live, sign out of your Mailchimp account or go directly to their http://mailchimp.com/see-ya-later/ url where you are redirected after your sign out.

Get access to this hack once you signup

Get access to this hack once you signup

Make difference from your competitors even before your visitors hit your page

Optimizely plays with AdWords to onboard potential users directly from the SERPs page. They try to simulate the same function they have in their home site, but directly from the results pages of Google.

If you have something valuable, don't give it all at once in exchange of nothing

GlassDoor (like a TripAdvisor for HR) provides free lifetime accounts in exchange for content that can make their site grow. Who would pay a monthly fee for a service when you can get it for free in exchange for some lines explaining your last job experience? As you might imagine this is not the main way where they get their dollars, but that’s coming from providing paid services to those companies that get worse reviews in their platform.

Get access to this hack once you signup

It's always cheaper & easier to reactivate someone that already tried once your tool, than getting the attention of a new one

Among all the VPS I have tried - and those have been a bunch - DigitalOcean must be the easiest way to create VPS where you can host your app, site, blog... And that includes also the quickiest& easiest way of getting rid of it. If you set a droplet in their app & destroyed later, they will give you $5 back to reinstate that droplet.