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Petithacks   intercom giving 3 months for free to invite other potential users

Intercom trials invitations through existing users

Intercom gives a 90-day trial through its current users, allowing them to invite other startups and companies that might find interesting or necessary a CRM solution like this. Public Intercoms trial length is just 30 days.
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Petithacks   fiverr

Fiverr activating users and generating revenue

Fiverr, this last christmas, offering a special promotion that can be listed between activating current users and getting more revenue in exchange of a piece of this revenue.
Petithacks   okcupid

OKCupid tries to get more revenue from you when you want to downgrade

OKCupid triggers an time-limited offer when you try to downgrade your plan.
Petithacks   kissmetrics logout

KISSmetrics users the logout page to showcase other side-products

KISSmetrics uses the logout screen in order to get attention of the user in another of their products, a mobile app.

Mailchimp does a similar thing too.

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