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Behind the trick to retain conversions in an ecommerce & increase revenue per sale

Cast lessons
  • Setting up our CTA and landing 16 mins
  • Adding JQuery 4 mins
  • Implement & testing it 3 mins

This hack might be really helpful for those that are running an ecommerce or some shopping platform where they might be offering the exact same products as other ecommerces. For our hack, we are going to work with product page. They sell, like, many stuff, many electrical appliances and stuff.

In their product pages, besides including all the specifications for the product they are selling, they include a nice trick: whenever they identify that there is someone that is selecting the text of the product, they will show you a modal to let you know that they will match the price. It’s a hack to get more conversions.

The way it works: whenever the potential customer selects the product title with the mouse, they show a call-to-action where they inform you that they do price match. Basically they are going to offer you a better offer if you find the product in another place where it's cheaper.

This is really helpful to get sales because, for instance, if we are checking for a better deal for the product we are looking for, and we go to Amazon or any other similar ecommerce, we can see that the same product, it's like £500 less, so it will increase the opportunities of retaining that final conversion.

In this hack we are going to build a similar feature, step by step, from scratch, using just Javascript. Setting up our CTA and landing

In this project, we are not going to set a local file where we can build this, but we are going to use Codepen to save us some time. If you have never worked with CodePen, you might have worked with JSFiddle or similar tools. Basically they give you interface to build HTML, CSS, Javascript within your browser.

First of all, we are going to need something like a product page, for now we are going to just limit our HTML document to just a title. If you are working in a real product page, as long as there is a title element, it will work in a similar ...