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Behind the landing page hack in CrazyEgg, QuickSprout to get more signups

Cast lessons
  • Setting up our landing 9 mins
  • Adding the CSS & jQuery to block scroll 8 mins

In this project we are going to take the main landing page of CrazyEgg and we are going to check a little hack they have in order to increase the number of people that they engage with their main call to action. This hack will allow us to increase the CTR in a specific call-to-action.

If you don’t know yet about CrazyEgg, it's a heatmap and scroll map tool that provides reports that allow you to have a better understanding of how your visitors engage with your website. Something similar to Hotjar too.

The hack that I was referring is particularly if you go to if you try to scroll here, you can see that there is nothing else that we could do in order to see the rest of the main landing. They drive our attention and clicks right where they want: their signup form.

If you check their landing, you can see that they have only two other links: a login link and a tell me more link. Once that we click the ‘tell me more’ link is when they allow us to access the rest of the landing page. If we check it slowly, for first time visitors, they have disable the scroll in this area. And this link will enable the scroll to see the rest of the page.

From the tests I have seen with such a similar strategy in a couple landings for some clients, I have seen certainly an increase of number of leads, either if it is just an email or if it is other data.

We are going to learn to do something similar for our site, landings, etc. I have created a mock-up landing, that is similar to this, basically to announce the tutorials. And I want people to enter their email address so I can inform them once it's released.

Setting up our landing

For our sample, we are going to just take the sample in Crazyegg as our reference.

If we take a look at the code that I have created from scratch is a very basic HTML document with link eleme...