Tricks websites do to get more of your clicks, money, time and attention

That's petithacks!

No boring introductions, just take a look:

Pipedrive's pricing page features geo-targeted testimonials. Pipedrive's pricing page features geo-targeted testimonials. I was in Australia recently and the testimonials shown were all from Australian companies. It is a minor hack but increases the chances I will know the person providing the testimonial and increases my trust in their brand.
Petithacks   betabrand
Betabrand offers you 10$ more if you login with Facebook instead of giving them just your email Betabrand offers a bigger discount if instead of giving your email - for their newsletter - you signup with your Facebook account. For 10$ more, they not only get what your email address, but your friends list, what you like, your birthday.
Petithacks   digitalocean
DigitalOcean includes referral links within their monthly invoices. Digital Ocean knows that the best timing to let know their users about the referral program... is when they receive their monthly invoice. Chapeau.
Intercom new referrals
Intercom invites to refer their tool in their daily recap email Intercom knows to play their referral game really well. Every day, Intercom sends you a daily recap of what have being the latest signups within your application. An email, that at least in my case, I open everyday. If it's a such useful for their users, why not to use their users as 'speakers' to spread the word about how great is their tool?


There is another hack related already included in petithacks. We can see how they are pushing the referrals (now with a discount in return) to grow faster.

Petithacks   kissmetrics support
KISSmetrics offering yearly plans with full support vs monthly plans with no support KISSmetrics used to offer a DIY plan with no support and monthly billing, while offering a full-support plan but with yearly billing. Customer care resources can be an struggle in your startup, but at least if you can retain them for 12 months... Well played :)
Screen shot 2015 05 25 at 23.59.24
Airbnb tells you about your Facebook friends that you could have referred Airbnb makes sure to remind you how much money you are not earning when there is a new friend of your Facebook friend lists that subscribes into the platform.
Petithacks   mailchimp
Mailchimp displays their latest products or features in the logout screen. Mailchimp displays their latest products or features in the logout screen. Instead of taking you directly to their home site - as many web apps usually do - they take advantage of that user-action to get a last opportunity in getting your attention.

If you want to see it live, sign out of your Mailchimp account or go directly to their url where you are redirected after your sign out.

Other similar companies doing something like this are KISSmetrics - also in the logout screen - and Intercom - in their signin screen. I will add them in a few days!

Petithacks   mixpanel automatic password recovery email after 3 trys
Mixpanel sends automatically an email if you entered 3 times the wrong password Mixpanel sends you automatically an email to recover your password if you have tried at least 3 times to enter your pass.

Less action required from the user (no need of clicking anything else, or entering an email), more probability of having them back to their tool.

Petithacks   optimizey smart use of ppc to onboard users
Optimizely using smartly AdWords to onboard new users Optimizely plays with AdWords to onboard potential users directly from the SERPs page. They try to simulate the same function they have in their home site, but directly from the results pages of Google.
Screen shot 2015 07 06 at 18.50.43
CodeSchool tries to retain you by informing you what new courses are coming when you go to cancel CodeSchool tries to avoid you cancelling your account by giving you a sneak-peak of what's coming next in their courses pipeline.
Petithacks   quibb superfiltered access to new users
Quibb plays with exclusivity and invititation-only models to generate interest and buzz Quibb, and other sites like or DameCaoba app, know the importance of playing with exclusivity and limited-access in order to generate buzz and interest. Hello ProductHunters! :D
Opbeat super simple pricing   petithacks
Opbeat super simple pricing to avoid any kind of friction Opbeat avoids any kind of 'friction' in their pricing page by giving just a price based in 'per user' seat. Usually startups list up to 3 or 2 pricing tiers in order to satisfy everyone in their audience.
Petithacks   unrollme limits the number of actions a user can do if he does not share with others the app limits its usage to 5 un-suscriptions if you don't share the tool with others.

By having a biz model not based in a 'pay per month', but triggering adverts within the app, for it's essential to have more and more users. Something that they are achieving with tricks like these one.

Petithacks   digitalocean zero droplets
DigitalOcean gives you a $5 credit to re-activate 'sleeping users' Digital Ocean triggers an automatic email (well, they try to 'humanize' it) to give you a $5 credit if you deleted all your servers.

All for the sake of activating sleeping users!

Petithacks   cloudapp
CloudApp triggers a popup inviting to signup everytime a non-user downloads something CloudApp triggers a popup inviting to signup every time a non-user downloads something from their platform.
Petithacks   twitter onboard users by blocking any other thing they don't want to click
Twitter blocks everything to onboard you as they want After signing up in Twitter you have to walk into the tour/demo no matter if you want to go other section, you can't.
Petithacks   activecampaign
ActiveCampaign does not asks for a password when creating an account ActiveCampaign does not ask for entering your password when creating an account within their site. Once you have enter the initial fields (email + company), a modal is automatically triggered to ask for setting up your password.

Another great example of how UX can hack your signups.

Petithacks   intercom giving 3 months for free to invite other potential users
Intercom trials invitations through existing users Intercom gives a 90-day trial through its current users, allowing them to invite other startups and companies that might find interesting or necessary a CRM solution like this. Public Intercoms trial length is just 30 days.
Petithacks   glassdoor
Glassdoor blocking public content to get more signups Glassdoor, in a similar way as Quora has being doing, blocks content to encourage more signups.
Petithacks   clarity turning into a saas business model
Clarity: from pay-per-minute to subscription model Some days ago, Clarity announced that it was acquired by Today's hacks is related with it. If you don't know about Clarity, it's pay-per-minute web where you can get in contact with people with different skills, but most of them related with marketing and/or online businesses.

Don't know if this can be considered as a 'hack', but they created another service on top of their classical pay-per-minute, to get more revenue from their users: a subscription model to attend private online talks given by hand-picked pros.